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Jesseca Liu 刘子绚 Official Fan Club

December 23, 2012

Hi there everyone! Just came to realize that many of you still visit this site and we really appreciate that, despite the fact that this site hasn’t been updated for a year. Just in case some of you who are not aware of this, Jesseca’s official website has already been up for quite some time and we sincerely apologize for not putting up a post here to inform all of you officially.

Here’s the link to Jesseca’s Official Fan Club :

  Jesstify ( 绚。迷宫 )


Jesseca’s Official Fanclub

April 17, 2011

Hi everyone! Jesseca’s new official fanclub, Jesstify ( 绚。迷宫 ) is in the midst of being set up but for the time being, the committee had created a facebook fanclub page for the new fanclub. Dolike the page to get the latest updates about the newly-formed fanclub and of course, about our dearest Jesseca! 🙂

  Jesstify ( 绚。迷宫 )

刘子绚贪房租便宜 不介意住凶宅

August 22, 2011






 刘子绚在《行》中饰演女西医,同时也是舞蹈导师。为了更好地诠释角色,她必需接受一个月的舞蹈集训,练习基本舞步。刘子绚本身是7号脚,却得穿上 4号半的舞蹈鞋以增加附著力,避免训练时受伤,搞到十0只脚趾长了十六个水泡!“舞蹈鞋太紧了,每次训练要穿三四个小时,从早跳到晚脚趾上的水泡,好了一 边,另一边又冒出来。现在这些水泡都变成茧了!”






source : cnews


August 22, 2011










source : xinmsn


August 17, 2011




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10 sequels or spinoffs we’ll love to watch – Secrets For Sale

August 14, 2011

Comedy, drama, or action series, the drama addicts at xinmsn list down sequels and spinoffs of TV series we’ll love to watch!

After Ren Yi’s (Christopher Lee) bold sacrifice, a montage of happily ever after photos with his onscreen beau, Jia Qi (Jesseca Liu) provided the story with a semi-conclusive ending. Secrets for Sale was a short and sweet series with a tight and compelling storyline. And in the midst of it all, the producers and director also managed to weave in a hint of good cinematography with fresh camera angles. If this continues, we don’t mind more mystery snooping and sleuthing, such as new underlings and/or disciples, and perhaps an arc on Ren Yi post-accident. There are just so many possibilities we can explore. An overused storyline done with a brand-new perspective is something we can deal with.

source : xinmsn

Bid for Jesseca’s Smurf!

August 10, 2011

As we celebrate 75 years of radio, we are giving back to the community. From April 2011 to March 2012, we are providing 75 families with monthly financial and social assistance. By customizing what each family receives according to their needs, we hope to provide a helping hand to the families in tiding over a difficult period.


Every MediaCorp radio station and many celebrities have adopted a Smurf figurine and painted it! The painted figurines are now up for charity auction and all proceeds will go towards Radio Gives Back. Well-known local names like Kit Chan, Derrick Hoh, Joi Chua, Olivia Ong, Jesseca Liu, as well as Liang Wen Yi and Lala Xu Jia Ying from Taiwan have also contributed towards this meaningful event.

How to bid?

  1. Head down to Bugis Junction (area outside Intercontinental Hotel) to check out the Smurfs In the City exhibition.
  2. Decide which ones you are going to bid for
  3. Email the following details :
    • Name as in NRIC
    • NRIC number
    • Contact number
    • Item number
    • Bid amount (minimum bid of $20)
  4. The silent auction closes at 2359hrs on 21 Aug.
  5. Winning bidders will be contacted within a week. If the winner is unable to fulfill his/her bid, the Smurf will be awarded to the next highest bidder.

The Smurfs Movie will be in theatre this 1st Sep in 3D.

Highest bids as of Noon, 8 August

Symphony 92.4FM $20
Radio 75 $30
Fann Wong $368
Jesseca Liu $300
Felicia Chin $250
Chua Enlai $200
Adeline Lim $153
Darryl Yong $151
Romeo Tan $150
Nat Ho $120.99
Kate Pang $120
Koh Ya Hwee $120
Sora Ma $100
Elvin Ng $100
Tay Ping Hui $80
Mindee Ong $77
Joi Chua $75
Jeffrey Xu $50
Derrick Hoh $30
Joanne Peh $25
Pamelyn Chee $25

Celebrity Entrepreneurs – Jesseca Liu

June 18, 2011

Jesseca Liu

The Malaysia-born actress is a businesswoman in Malaysia with a chain of spas.

Photo: TNP

source : asiaone