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FCBC : Jesseca Liu: Transformed By Love, Victorious In Life

March 8, 2007
The arena had an electrifying atmosphere – rival fans cheered at the top of their voices to drown out each other. The intense excitement had everyone gripping their seats. Tumult of emotions swells like the waves of the sea within you. Anticipation, hope and anxiety – a strong emotional concoction stirring the mood within every of the nominated. Yet you had no time for that – you remained focused.

Eight of the others are already on stage, receiving the cheers and their awards. With beaming smiles, they bask in the limelight accorded to them by the audience. Meanwhile, the rest of your ‘competitors’ are trying very hard to maintain a placid façade. Yet within you, a small still voice fuels the quiet confidence and composure. It shows on your face as you sat there a winner – waiting to receive your award. The next thing you know, they announced, “Jesseca Liu!”

Such an experience is not for the faint-hearted, yet Jesseca Liu has been through two consecutive years of such nail-biting suspense when she was nominated for Mediacorp’s Star Awards, one of Singapore’s most glamourous award ceremonies for the acting fraternity here.

In 2005, she won the ‘Best Newcomer Award’. Last year at the Awards, she laid claim to another; only this time was the much coveted ‘Top Ten Most Popular Female Artiste Award’ – a feat managed only by a few.

It All Happened For A Purpose
Jesseca’s initial steps into the limelight began some years ago in her home country, Malaysia. Back then, the Langkawi-born girl was already a part-time model and had been involved in small roles on local drama series.

In 2004, news reached her that MediaCorp Singapore was coming a-calling to Kuala Lumpur where she was based. Without much hesitation, she decided to give it a shot and attended the audition sessions.

Since then, she has not looked back. After joining MediaCorp, Jesseca has acted in seven local drama series. She has also found favour with the executive producers and managers she has worked with, and along the way, she even secured a two-year contract with the company.

She has also endeared herself with the audience in Singapore and Malaysia, with a growing fan club ranging from the very young to those retired. Articles written about Jesseca claimed that she is bound for greater fame. They have even compared her to the superstar status held by Zoe Tay and Fann Wong.

Yet with so much fame and success in the last two years, nothing truly rewards or satisfies her than the love that God offers her. With this knowledge of His love, Jesseca knows that the things that she enjoys now come as a result of God’s blessings. She is now more secure and confident than ever to know that her future is destined to shine even brighter. To encourage others with her success story, Jesseca kindly accepted a short interview with FCBC Online.

Can you describe how you felt during last year’s Star Awards ceremony?

“Quite contrary, I had the confidence and peace to know that God will bless me. It was only after getting home from the ceremony that I realised how nervous and anxious my family was! Looking back, I am indeed very thankful that He has blessed me.”

How did you come to know Christ?

“I was born into a Christian family. My parents were Christians, and somehow that made me a Christian since young. But I drifted away from Him during a period of time and stopped attending church.

It was only after coming to Singapore that I met Ong Ai Leng; another MediaCorp colleague who is also attending FCBC. One day, she casually invited me to church. It was from there that I started visiting FCBC and attending its services in June 2005, as often as my filming schedule permits.”

In what ways did He ‘woo’ you back to Him?

“To begin, I knew Ai Leng since our modeling days in Malaysia. Back then, she was not a Christian and was very expressive in her ways and manners. The company that she mixed with was very different from now.

It was here at MediaCorp when I noticed a change in Ai Leng. She has become a completely different person. She is very polite and tactful in her manners. So intrigued by her sudden change in behaviour, I decided to ask her one day, ‘What happened to you? You are so different from what you used to be!’ It was then that I discovered that she has accepted the Lord at FCBC, and she invited me to join her at one of the Sunday services.

I said, ‘Ok’, and went to the service without much expectation, except with an open mind. Never did I expect that I would break down during the service and on my very first visit to FCBC! I felt the touch of Christ reassuring me saying, ‘My child, it’s alright. It’s alright. The troubles you face now will soon be over.’

I felt His anointing all over me very strongly and that spurred me on to further converse with Ai Leng about God and about FCBC. Ai Leng patiently explained everything to me, and brought me to her cell group. The cell group similarly shared with me about God and helped resolved many of my difficulties and conflicts I was facing at that point of time.

From that moment on, God gave me the confidence to walk with Him again. He has given me hope to face the future. With Him by my side, and a cell group to uphold and support me, He has given me many assurances to face what is ahead in life.

My growth also accelerated after attending the Encounter Weekend conducted by Pastor Linda Mak. I felt God’s love very strongly as I opened up to the Lord and pour out everything that was on my heart. I felt that I went through a spiritual sanctification, and after that, I felt such a wonderful peace within. I knew then that I had been spiritually cleansed by the Lord.”

You seem to be enjoying a supernatural favour from God…

“I am truly blessed by God to be surrounded by God’s people in all that I do – in my career, my fan club and the MediaCorp colleagues – they have given me tremendous encouragement and support.

My fan club was started by a Christian brother. He gave me the nickname ‘Shine’, so that I can be a Light and a model for others. The other thing is to win something at MediaCorp’s Star Awards on back-to-back occasions. Those were truly remarkable moments in my life. I really feel that He has a hand in all these.”

You mentioned that He has lifted your confidence, how different is it between then and now?

“In the past, I would feel lost when faced with problems; I would use my own abilities to solve them – meeting the challenges head on. After accepting Him again, I now believe that I will never walk alone in life. Whatever challenges that I face now, I will pray first and seek His wisdom and knowledge to help me overcome. With Him by my side, any challenges will be easily removed; that’s the confidence I have in the Lord.”

How has your cell leader played a part in your spiritual growth?

“Ai Leng contributed immensely to my early Christian walk. She would send scriptures via sms messages to encourage me. When I was not well, Ai Leng would keep me in her prayers and she would also inform the rest of the spiritual family-at-large. Ai Leng spent a lot of time and effort to love and nurture my spiritual growth.”

What other transformation have you seen occurring in your life after accepting Him back as your Saviour?

“I feel loved and accepted within the family of God here in FCBC. Besides Ai Leng, I have also bonded with the rest of the spiritual family. Like I said earlier, I first came to FCBC with some emotional baggage in tow, but once I begin to settle into the cell, I felt happier and better able to receive the blessings and the peace of God. I keep an open mind, and learn from Ai Leng, Aileen Yoong (my cell leader) and the rest about His word; in that sense, I have grown very much from their help.”

Have this affected the way you treat your work and your colleagues?

“Yes, it does. I used to be easily depressed and I held negative thoughts whenever there are situations where I fail to meet the standards of others and my own as well. I treat the comments of others very seriously, and I used to think that I brought upon others a lot of inconvenience when I fail to perform up to standard.

After becoming a child of God, there is now a sense of confidence and it enables me to perform and relate to others in a more assured manner. I used to struggle in overcoming difficulties in acting; but once I refocus back on Him and all I seek to do is to glorify Christ in my career, I see these problems and situations as tests and they will help me grow and mature.”

Going ahead, what are your plans?

“I will continue to focus on my acting career, and to enhance my acting techniques to further my capabilities. By God’s grace and through Christ, I hope to be a role model for others. I may not be a preacher, but I hope to lead others to Christ by illuminating the Light that is within me.

My fan club coordinator once told me that the reason he wanted to help me was because something stirred within his spirit when he first met me. Since then, we have been working together.

Our vision is that in all that we do, we will do it for His glory. I am growing everyday in the Lord, and my desire is to shine for Him in everything I do – to bear the fruit of the Spirit and to mature in my walk with Him.”

For those who have failed or are struggling to see their breakthroughs, how will you encourage them to press on?

“I’ll encourage them to pray and seek God for the answer. Everyone experiences difficult times in life, but God has a purpose for each struggle we go through. There is something for us to learn in every trial. God shapes & builds our character through these experiences. So, don’t give up but press on to see God’s glory revealed.”

source : FCBC

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