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Who’s the brightest star?

March 29, 2007

WENDY TEO rates the clutch of young TV actresses dubbed the ‘Seven Princesses’
THIS Malaysian lass seems to have found a ‘foothold’ at Caldecott Hill.

This Malaysian seems to be found a ‘foothold’ at the Caldecott Hill.

She has a lead role in the upcoming production The Foothold, about a foot reflexology family business.

She also has two more shows coming up, one of which is a Singapore-Malaysia tie-up where she plays a buck-toothed tomboy.

Though she didn’t make much of a splash initially in The Champion and My Lucky Charm, her fortunes changed when she landed the role of Vietnamese bride Ruan Mian Mian in the long-running drama serial, Portrait Of Home.

She bagged the Best Newcomer award in 2005 and was nominated Best Actress last year for her role in the drama Rhapsody In Blue.

Lianhe Wanbao’s senior correspondent Khoon Siew Kin praised Jesseca for her ‘star quality’ while MediaCorp’s managing executive producer, Mr Yeo Saik Pin, said that Jesseca has a melancholic quality that allows her to ‘go the way of a character actress’.

However, a source claimed that Jesseca is becoming unpopular with certain executive producers because she doesn’t do her ‘homework’ before turning up for work.

The source claimed: ‘Even though she knows her lines, but she doesn’t bother to give the depth to her character, which is important to every actor.’

Verdict: Bright, with the right polish.

source :,4139,125989,00.html

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