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TNP : She’s quite ‘a tomboy’

April 20, 2007
Lady-like Jesseca Liu cuts her long tresses for new role, and claims in real life…
She’s quite ‘a tomboy’
SHE may look delicate, but MediaCorp actress Jesseca Liu is far from the damsel in distress she plays on screen.

SHE may look delicate, but MediaCorp actress Jesseca Liu is far from the damsel in distress she plays on screen.

‘I’m quite a tomboy,’ said the Langkawi-born model-turned-actress.

Although Jesseca shot to fame as Ruan Mian Mian in the long-running drama, Portrait Of Home, she admits that she is more like the character in her upcoming drama, The Foothold.

The 28-year-old plays a prison warden in the 80-episode series which debuts on Channel 8 on 19 Jun.

‘The character I play is quite chor lor (uncouth), and that’s how I normally behave,’ said Jesseca.

She certainly proved her point during this interview by sitting at the edge of an armchair and straddling a stool casually with one leg.

‘Of course, playing the character may also have further influenced the ‘chor lor’ side of my personality,’ she added.

Clad in white long cargo pants, an orange sports jacket and sporting a spunky new haircut, Jesseca seemed completely at ease getting into her new role, even though it required her to chop off her long locks.

‘I couldn’t really bear to have my hair cut in the beginning, but I did it because it really suits my role,’ said Jesseca, who had taken ‘several years’ to grow her tresses. ‘But now that I’ve done it, I actually feel younger!’

Perhaps it’s a good thing that she did get a haircut, as her on-screen romantic interest is Elvin Ng. At 26, he is two years her junior.

Asked if she felt under pressure acting opposite the heartthrob, who has worked with all the ‘seven princesses’ of MediaCorp including Joanne Peh and Fiona Xie, Jesseca laughed and said that the only worry she had was that her skin was not as smooth as Elvin’s.

‘I’m so jealous of his skin,’ she joked.

‘His skin is so good, and he doesn’t even have any secret recipe!

‘I thought initially that Elvin was a quiet, serious actor, but he’s actually quite kaypoh busybody). He’s always talking a lot to us and gossiping about the seven princesses.’

Not that Jesseca was on her best behaviour.

Elvin said he too thought she was ‘a demure girl’ but he later found her to be ‘spontaneous, and unfeminine’.

‘My impression of the lady-like Jesseca was shattered,’ he said, with a laugh.

But despite the chemistry they shared, their kissing scenes were not romantic.

Jesseca said: ‘There was a scene where we both had to emerge from a fountain and kiss each other accidentally. It was so difficult to find the correct positions!’

A tougher scene was with five snakes of different species and sizes.

Elvin said he wasn’t particularly afraid of snakes but found them very creepy after his ‘encounter’ with a lizard a while ago.

‘I was having a shower at home when I saw a big, fat lizard staring me from the ceiling in the cubicle.

‘I didn’t want to kill it, so I tried chasing it away by spraying water at it, but instead of leaving, it jumped on me. From then on I’ve been a little creeped out by reptiles.’

Jesseca was more comfortable working with the slithery creatures. Said the self-professed animal-lover: ‘The big snakes are all right, it’s the tiny ones that are more scary.’

Jesseca, who adopted a cat from the SPCA, said: ‘I’m quite afraid of small reptiles and bugs though, like little caterpillars and worms, especially when they come in a whole swarm!’

source : TNP

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