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Living Life to the fullest choices

October 5, 2007

She’s Jess Simple and Sweet
by Cheyl Zhang

Practically fitting all male perceptions of feminine beauty to a T, Jesseca must have broken quite a few hearts when she chopped off her lovely long silky tresses recently.

As one of Mediacorp’s newly-crowned Seven Princesses, we were expecting just a tad bit of airs from fresh-faced Jesseca Liu. But we were defi nitely not prepared for the wave of non-pretentiousness from the former model. Despite having come out from a relationship recently, the brand ambassador for MARIGOLD NON FAT Yoghurt Drink and Hoyu Bigen Silk Touch seems to have emerged for the better.

Q: We saw from pictures that you had your hair cut! Any tinge of regret?

A: Well…No! In fact I feel great! Being an actress means having to sport different hairstyles and hair colors to portray the diverse roles that I am tasked to act in. As you know, Singapore has a hot and humid weather. It definitely feels refreshing with short hair. I also feel that having short hair gives me more flexibility in the types of roles I can play with, just like the versatility of hair colors. Whether I have long hair or short hair, I can always play them up with different hair colors for the different looks.

Q: The press often desribes you as sweet and nice, just like a village girl. Do you want to debunk those statements? How would describe yourself?

A: Thanks for the compliments! I think these statements are real… I mean I’m sweet and nice to the people around me. (laughs) If I were to describe myself, I would say that I am a straightforward, simple and boyish girl.

Q: What is your favourite role to date?

A: It will be the Malaysia drama Falling In Love. In the show, I was even more boyish and sloppy than the character in Shou Zu. Besides having no makeup, I had to put on a wig and a pair of very old-fashioned glasses. Oh my goodness, I looked so ugly back then! But it was very fun and satisfying. It’s like playing the real me.

Q: Which actor do you enjoying playing opposite most?

A: I have worked with Pierre before in “Mars VS Venus”. He’s a nice guy to work with, straightforward and sometimes absent minded. For Elvin, he’s like a little boy, very playful and likes to tell jokes to make you laugh. It’s quite comfortable working with him….

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