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Princess Joanne and her frog

May 8, 2008

It’s The Champion all over again where bikini-clad girls reprise the classic running scene in the upcoming drama, Beach.Ball.Babes. Taking place in Tiong Bahru market this time, the plot comes with a twist, which involves one very jumpy frog! Marketing has never looked so good. 

8 May, 2008

Text: Teo Jing Ting
Editorial team: Dion Tang

Miss the classic scene where four bikini-clad babes were running down Orchard Road? Well, you can relive the scene again in the upcoming volleyball drama, Beach.Ball.Babes, but with a difference. This time, there are more babes, more challenges, and the scene takes place at a dirtier and sleazier Tiong Bahru market.

With Jesseca Liu, Joanne Peh and Jade Seah taking the lead, the team of 12 girls daringly stripped down to their bikinis on Wednesday morning in front of all the ‘ah-peks’. In a split second, all the ‘ah-peks’ and aunties whipped out their handphones and started clicking away. The scene was so hot that many stood riveted in awe, having forgotten all about their marketing and just followed the girls wherever they went. 

Other than the usual safety precautions like tapes, Joanne also wore two bikinis, but not because of the reason you would think of. Joanne wore two as it was the ‘time of the month’ for her, unfortunately. Nevertheless, the unfortunate timing also became an accidental blessing.
This is the max we will strip for pictures!

“My boobs tend to be bigger when it is that time of the month, so I was quite happy about that,” laughed Joanne.

As for Jesseca, the production team gave her extra padding as her top was quite transparent and also to boost her figure. When Jade heard about it, she exclaimed, “Why they never give me?” before saying, “Never mind, small is beautiful!”

Of the three girls, Jesseca was the shyest and there was a limit to her tolerance when a reporter kept asking her to strip down to her bikini for pictures. During an interview, she revealed that she was actually pretty turned off by the incident.

“They made us seem like we are here to strip rather than to work,” said Jesseca. “It’s already weird to wear a bikini in a market and they still did that. I was just very uncomfortable.”

Similar to that of The Champion’s, the scene arose from a bet with rival volleyball team, V-Rockets, in which Jesseca’s team, G-Force, lost. However, other than running around in bikinis, each member in the team had to purchase an item in the market. 

The draw of this scene thus does not come from the girls wearing their bikinis, but rather, the items they had to buy. While captain Jesseca had the easy task of buying chrysanthemums, Jade had to buy ‘sotong’ (squid) and Joanne had the slimiest deal of buying a live frog – WITH HER BARE HANDS.

Prior to her seeing the frog, Joanne coolly announced that she would rather “swim with frogs than wear a bikini in the market”. But her confidence was shattered the moment she looked at the frog. 

Eeks! Joanne has finally met her nemesis!
She jumped, she yelped, she screamed, all whilst in her bikini! All her self-consciousness just disappeared! I guess it was time for her to take back her words. To passer-bys, it was definitely a sight to behold. Nevertheless, the gutsy Joanne did not fail us. She managed to HOLD the frog by its back and finished the scene.

“It’s very disgusting!” exclaimed a shivering Joanne. “I think I’m more shocked by the frog’s appearance more than the idea of touching it and it kept on struggling! Arrghh!! Help!! You go feel it for yourself!”

We asked Joanne if she had ever eaten frog porridge before and she said she have not had it for a long time. So, we asked if she would still eat it after this.

She turned to look at the frog before saying, “Actually, I’ve seen frogs before and still ate it. But those times I did not have to catch the frogs and cook it, the dish was all nicely cooked and presented in front of me! I’ve never been so close to a (turns to look at the frog again)…eeks!”

I guess we will not be seeing Joanne at a frog porridge stall any time soon. After all, who could forget her shared experience with the green amphibian?

Compared to Joanne, Jade had a much better deal, but her reaction was similar to that of Joanne’s. In fact, she almost went teary-eyed when she had to touch the dead squid, which was floating in a Styrofoam container. When the director shouted ‘cut’, the reason being that she was smiling, Jade argued, “Where got smile?” 

To make matters worse, the vendor kept on telling her that the squid was dead and there was no reason for her to be afraid of it. After several long moments and much groveling, Jade eventually did succeeded carrying the squids. 

Jade & her Squid: To touch or not?

“Of course, in the plot, we are supposed to be squeamish, but I am generally pretty scared,” said a sheepish Jade. “It just gross, it’s wet and slimy. I think it looks worse than it feels, but I’ve never held a squid before.”

However, just when the girls thought their nightmares were over, they received news that they were supposed to carry their slimy items, run back to the meeting point and, get this, trip when they were running! Of course, the items would be dropped onto the floor and the girls had to pick them up.

While the dead squid would not prove to be a challenge, we can’t say the same thing for the frog. The frog, after being let down on the ground, started jumping away when Joanne reached out to grab it. And every forward jump the frog made, Joanne and Jade screamed and took a jump backwards. Of course, Joanne eventually managed to pick up the frog, but that’s beside the point.

So girls, frog vs bikini – which is worse? I guess the answer is all in their expressions. Watch our videos for a squeamish Joanne and Jade, definitely footage not to be missed!
video 1 – Frogs vs squids, which is scarier? 活田鸡 VS 墨鱼,哪个比较可怕?!
video 2 – Jesseca: Running in a bikini? So scary! 穿比基尼跑 刘芷绚:很惊险!
video 3 – Jesseca: I’m not here to strip! 刘芷绚:我不是来脱衣服的……
video 4 – Jesseca: ‘Ah-peks’, don’t mess with me! 刘芷绚:怪伯伯偷看,我会不爽……
video 5 – Joanne: I rather swim with the frogs! 白薇秀:我宁愿跟田鸡一起游泳!
video 6 – Jade: Frogs vs bikini? I rather the bikini! 谢美玉:买活田鸡比穿比基尼跑更糟!
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