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Jade Seah’s new occupation: actress!

June 25, 2008

This almost-beauty queen is turning her attention to acting – she’s got two meaty roles coming up, and one of them is in Mandarin! We talk to her about trying to learn Mandarin and pretending to be ugly … all for the sake of her art.
Jade Seah in her natural state
June 25, 2008
Text by Juliana June Rasul
Editorial Team: Clarence Chen, Dion Tang
You remember the zinger of a line she gave during the Miss Singapore Universe contest two years ago. Though it wasn’t enough to give Jade Seah the crown that year, she was the one who went on to become a household name with hosting gigs (The Dance Floor, Sweets For My Sweet) and numerous endorsements.
Now she’s turned her attention to acting, but before she embarked on that career, there was something that Jade had to conquer first. If Fiona Xie and Pierre Png can do it, we’re sure smartypants Jade Seah could do it.
But she’s not too sure.
What are we talking about? Tackling Mandarin of course.
You’ll see Jade on her first ever Mandarin-speaking role – her first ever big acting role in fact – come July. On Beach.Ball.Babes. Jade plays a volleyball player who has some issues with the rest of her team, namely Jesseca Liu’s character.
When we asked her to compare her pre-tuition Mandarin abilities to her fluency now, she said: “I started at a Grade Toot level and now well, my Mandarin is the best that it’s ever been in my entire life.”
That, however, didn’t seem to be enough for some of her co-stars on Beach.Ball.Babes. who, said Jade, made fun of her quite a bit for her poor pronunciation.
But she also got some support … in a manner of speaking …
“Jesseca was quite cute. After we filmed for some time, she was like ‘Actually your Chinese is quite good ah … I thought it was really bad!’” Jade related to us.
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