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Joshua Ang is back!

August 22, 2008

The I Not Stupid child star has grown up and signed a contract with MediaCorp. Here’s a quick chat with the youngest contracted male artiste on the Hill.
August 22, 2008
Text by Kwok Kar Peng
Editorial team: Dion Tang
Two things to note if you don’t want to upset Joshua Ang: first, don’t call him an Ah Beng, because he thinks he isn’t, and second, never call him fat, because he thinks he is. Though if you ask me, he looks great in a very Li Nanxing-way, especially with that faint scar running across his left cheek; gives him the edgy and dangerous look which will probably leave teenage girls swooning and restless punks aching for a punch-up. But very soon that scar, sustained while the 19-year-old army medic was training to defend our glorious country, will be a thing of the past once he completes the ‘aesthetic work’ on his cheek.
In the meantime, the former child-star should start memorizing who the Seven Princesses are (he only remembers Dawn Yeoh, Jesseca Liu, Fiona Xie and Felicia Chin) and readjust his antenna back to the world of TV entertainment, including brushing up on his wonky Mandarin. He may have made his mark in Jack Neo’s Mandarin movies I Not Stupid and its sequel but speak to him in that language now and he’ll need to “mentally translate the question into English and translate his English reply into Mandarin”.
On hand to give him personal coaching (and pressure) is his ‘big brother’, the razor-tongued TV host Dasmond Koh who had been a comforting fixture throughout Joshua’s 22 months in the army, often speaking to him on a variety of issues including on how to overcome adversity. His stint in the army has also inadvertently been a blessing; because of it, Joshua is now closer to his parents and younger brother.  
He said, “I’ve always been independent because my mum lets me make my own decisions since young. Though she can only advice me on what I should do and what not, it doesn’t mean I have to follow what she says and when I get into trouble, I’m the one who has to solve it. And because of this, I felt that I was alone and my parents didn’t care. My mum didn’t seem to care even when I got my ‘O’ Level results and so I just placed the results slip on the table. I was actually very upset, but she wanted me to decide on my own whether I want to continue to study.”
And so Joshua made the choice to go the army where he was initially picked on, and realized how important home is. After leaving the army three months ago, he thought hard about what he wanted to do and while he toyed with the idea of going overseas to study music, he eventually decided to “take a different path from others” and sign a contract with MediaCorp, and if possible, act in a period drama (he thinks he has a suitable look) and “do a lot of fighting”.
First up though is a cameo role in the drama Crime Busters x 2 (Ding Dang Shen Tan, formerly called Shen Tan Xia Lü) where he plays a promising young cop killed in the line of duty. In September, he will begin filming a local straight-to-DVD telemovie and in December a MediaCorp Chinese drama. Moreover, Jack Neo has also approached Joshua on his interest to act in a possible I Not Stupid 3!
Crime Busters x 2 also stars Tay Ping Hui, Dawn Yeoh, Paige Chua and Chen Xiazhong. 
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