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Invasion of the Killer Heels! *Exclusive!

November 24, 2008

Check out the fashionistas at The Anniversary Gala 2008! Who were the star copycats? And who were at the mercy of the crippling 6-inch heels?

November 24, 2008
Text by Kwok Kar Peng
Editorial Team: Angie Ng, Lam Yen Fong, Lim Wen Ying
While Nike and Adidas are making a fortune out of creating feather-light running shoes with soles that magically make any surface feel like your King Koil mattress, they apparently have a few enemies at high street fashion who deviously plotted to blister our already-chapped feet. 
The latest victims of this heinous crime: Jesseca Liu and Fann Wong.
“The latest season’s shoes all have six-inch heels, so it’s impossible to find a pair with kinder heels,” Fann told us backstage yesterday where she rested her dainty self on a chair. 
Jesseca wasn’t so lucky. When we saw her at the media area, the leggy I’m-usually-in-sneakers girl was still tottering around in her killer Gucci shoes. And she admitted, her feet were starting to hurt badly.
“The stylists have already snipped off about two and a half inches off the dress but it’s still too long for me to wear a lower-heeled pair of shoes,” she told us. And guess who’s the designer for the dress? Gucci!!
It’s a conspiracy! Want to wear the pretty loooong dress? Then you have to wear our super high heels! But if Jesseca Liu with her miles of legs still has to trim the hem, what about us poor mortals with stumpy legs?
And cross-dressers Guo Liang and Zheng Geping were still complaining about having to wear bras. Bah!
Killer Heels


video – Jesseca & her killer heels!

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