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Baguatv : How bad is Jesseca Liu 刘芷绚 now?

August 13, 2009

Very bad lor. This is not your usual 刘芷绚Jesseca Liu. Not another ‘girl-next-door’ role. No longer the Jesseca you have grown tired of seeing in the usual ‘play-safe’ role…

It is time this understated Princess reclaimed her status as the star who can really act (hey it is not just Joanne Peh and Felicia Chin who can act ok…hehe).

Welcome to the new devilish Jesseca Liu in her upcoming 7pm new drama ‘Romantic Delicacies’. She plays someone who is a far cry from all her previous roles you have seen before – she becomes a 外貌属于甜美、活泼的阳光型少女but 实际上个性刚强、冷酷无情。

Some Malaysian fans who have seen this drama recently raved alot about a superb 演技派 Jesseca Liu. My programming colleagues who have watched the drama before acquiring it also raved about a very outstanding Jesseca Liu. They said the moment she appeared on screen, viewers would be glued to the television with her performances.

Our 7 Princesses (except one who fled the country) are really moving on and each has shed their pretty girl images to tackle tougher roles. They no longer worry so much about taking on roles which might risk their ‘wholesome’ girly princesses’ images…

This drama also starred stars such as Nick Shen 沈炜竣, Ong Ai Leng 王爱玲, Wang Yu Qing 王昱清 and a new cute looking lead actor Melvin Sia 谢佳剑.

It is all about the food business and you will see alot of dramatic pitching of culinary skills against one another. Romantic Delicacies will be shown on Channel 8 at 7pm weeknights from 31 August. More photos from the drama:

The drama poster when it was shown in Malaysia

source : Baguatv

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