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Baguatv : 欧萱PK刘芷绚 Life & Death with Jeanette Aw & Jesseca Liu

August 31, 2009

欧萱 =‘死神’?刘芷绚 =‘囍神’?

Have you seen the Oscar’s winning foreign movie ‘Departures’ or ‘Okuribito’ starring Masahiro Motoki? Jeanette Aw will take on a similar role as a local funeral director. White is the color symbol for Jeanette (as in 白事).

性格:坚毅豁达,善良细心,处事冷静谨慎,不喜半途而废,疾恶如仇,据理力争,有大姐姐的风范,不轻易在人前示弱。缺点:姐兼母职,为了保护弟妹会 得罪人。高中毕业后,继承家族行业,从遭人白眼、员工排挤到获得尊重和信任。本来有意和他交往的男人一听到她的行业都避而远之,令她逐渐对男人失去信 心。。。

A role of this nature will of course be an emotional roller coaster for Jeanette Aw. After all, it’s dealing with death. Is she the ‘Angel and Comforter’ destined to come into the life stories of her customers and their families or the ‘Devil’ that walks the last few hours with an empty soul? It is such a special role which will require Jeanette to balance the sensitivity of the topic without being overly melancholic…

It is no doubt a challenging role and the Executive Producer (also the Writer) has faith in Jeanette to bring to life the emotional depth. To prepare for her role, I guess Jeanette will have to spend a considerable amount of research hours nightly at real funeral parlours after she wraps up her shooting schedule in ‘Together 当我们同在一起’…(maybe 戚玉武715 or 戴阳天DYT could find time as her 护花使者? Just kidding hehe…)

Jesseca Liu plays the opposite of what JA does in the drama – she is a ‘Wedding Gown Designer 婚纱设计师’. Red is the color symbol for Jesseca Liu (as in 红事).

性格:性格温婉,笑容可掬,女人味十足,细腻敏感,渴望安全感。对感情执着,喜欢一个人会死心塌地,但感情消失的话,也会对他完全死心。 缺点:有固执的一面。从小就爱动手创造,从烘焙饼干到制作小饰物,任何手艺创作都难不倒她。憧憬梦幻般的童话婚礼 ,但是。。。

She deals with happiness, hopes, promises and new beginnings. What do you find beneath the happy face of an angel? Is the character who is an expert in helping brides filled in the romantic sparks also an expert in filling up her own emptiness?

If you have seen Jesseca Liu as the ultimate bitch in the new 7pm drama ‘美食厨师男 Romantic Delicacies’ starting tonight on Channel 8, you will like Jesseca Liu in this new role as the ‘Wedding Gown Designer 婚纱设计师’. Jesseca isn’t new to the Executive Producer of this new drama. She already played many lead roles in his past dramas and he is one of the best EPs who knew exactly how to bring out her best on screen.

红 and 白 who are worlds apart in their jobs will find a common destiny and confront a ‘devil’ in their midst who is set to destroy whatever humanity that is left of them…

2010 marks the beginning of many new genres for local dramas. 红白囍事 (New Beginnings) is written by 谢俊源 & 杨锡彬 (YXB was the man behind the hit drama Metamorphosis 破茧而出). Casting is still in progress for this 现代温馨都会剧 and the list just confirmed such stars as Jeanette Aw, Jesseca Liu, Tay Ping Hui and Elvin Ng. Plus, Joshua Ang and Lin Mei Jiao.

红白囍事 will debut on Channel 8 in April 2010.

source : Baguatv

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