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uweekly #195

August 31, 2009

english translation :

Romantic delicacies, which is currently being aired in Singapore right now, casts two male leads – Melvin and Monday. They’re both unfamiliar faces to Singapore viewers, but both of them goes crazy over Jesseca Liu, one of the 7-princesses.

In the show, Melvin plays a handsome chef who likes to play around with all the pretty girls, even his brother’s or good friend’s girl, he will go after her. He starts to date nick’s girl (i think its honey?) then after that takes a liking for his brother’s crush, which is Jesseca. The brothers even went to the extent of becoming enemies.

First time tackling with being the 2nd male lead, Monday expresses that this is his third show so by right, it should get easier and easier. But this role is more heavy than the roles before, he even have to fight with Melvin over Jesseca so there’s rather stressful. Especially when he first met Jesseca, he already have to film scenes where he have to be importune towards Jess so it was kind of embarrassing at that time.

Being interviewed about whether there’s intimate scenes or not, most of them said that Melvin is the most fortunate, he even had a kissing scene with Jess. Melvin’s role seems challenging, from the start where he was a flirt, to the part where he was very stubborn and had to become a beggar to the end where he became a man who’s responsible to his family and also to his relationship.

Ong Ai Leng, who traveled from Malaysia to Singapore to further her acting career, this time round gets to act together with Jesseca, her good friend. Her role was somewhat similar to a role in moonlight resonance where she is confident and with a lot of wisdom.

Monday said that usually he only knows how to cook basic food like those that can be easily cooked in steamboat which includes instant noodles! For Melvin who hardly steps into the kitchen, he expresses that he is clueless towards all the dishes. The director even said that they’ll need to do all the basic cooking so they have to practice well if not they’ll keep wasting food. Ai Leng expresses that she is able to cook some home cooked food but she is clueless about asam laksa. Nick, who is at one side expresses that both Melvin and Ai leng can learn from Jesseca. So actually, Jesseca who’s the only one who doesn’t have any cooking scenes, is the real chef!

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