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Baguatv : 敢敢改换7公主 Changing the 7 Princesses

September 14, 2009

If you are given a chance to cast the 7 Princesses in a drama, how will you do it? Do you want to ‘play-safe’ or take a huge amount of risk and give them a revolutionary role?

It is really a tough decision when it comes to casting. It is not like you can throw any role to the Princess. No, you can’t. Not all Princesses can handle changes. Many factors will have to be taken into consideration. Some Princesses may not be ready to switch between a goodie role and a baddie one. Or the professional panel may not think they are ready or viewers are ready. Or the Princesses themselves just may not be mentally prepared to change. It can be detrimental to the career of a particular Princess or your product if you ’revolutionarise’ her too fast without letting her ‘evolve’…

Looking at how 刘芷绚 Jesseca played her role in ‘Baby Bonus 添丁发财’ (debuts on Ch 8 on 30 Sept at 9pm) and I just feel this is one actress who can really act. But in my opinion, her roles tend to fit into a similar mould. She will need something more than just that slightly challenging role in ‘Romantic Delicacies 美食厨师男’ (now on Ch 8 at 7pm) to leave a stronger impression. Any suggestion of a role you feel Jesseca can play up her potential?

Share your comment with our casting people here. There are at least 6 new dramas (not made public yet) of different genres for the second half of 2010 with no casting decision made yet. Who knows…your suggested dream choice of a role change for your favorite Princess may just fit in…

read the full post at : Baguatv

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