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Baguatv : 爱抢风头的艺人!(New: Preview 10 Mins Baby Bonus & 添丁发财记者会 Video Included)

September 17, 2009

Baby Bonus 10 Minute Preview uploaded! Caught on camera for the 1st time, this star really went all out. The limelight on Felicia Chin, Tay Ping Hui and Jesseca Liu was continuously shifted away from them because of this fellow… He stamped his feet loudly when Felicia was speaking…made funny noises when Jesseca was sharing…and threatened to jump off stage when Tay Ping Hui was talking…

Yet, no one was angry with him at all at yesterday’s ‘Baby Bonus 添丁发财’ press conference held at the new Klapsons Hotel. It is the adorable Yang Yang (he is barely 15 months old) who played the ‘unwanted’ baby ‘Olympic’ – son of Felicia Chin in the new drama ‘Baby Bonus 添丁发财’.

The Producer told me that this baby could repeat the desired action as requested of him a couple of times on cue…giving you the exact expression for different camera angles!

You can catch him doing his ‘limelight-stealing’ postures in all the video clips here. Frankly, I couldn’t  recall what the stars were talking about on stage because of this fellow who popped up here and there…haha…

Click Video 1:

Click Video 2:

Click Video 3:

Click Video 4:

Click Video 5:

Click Video 6:

Click Video 7:

Click Video 8:

Click Video 9:

Click Video 10: ht

Click Video 11:

Watching these videos, you somehow get this feeling that it’s about time Ping Hui considered settling down and becoming a father soon…he showered so much ‘fatherly’ love for Yang Yang lor…hehe…

Plus, I really think Jesseca Liu is very humble. She didn’t mind at all taking up the seat at the side of the stage (despite repeated prompting from Tay Ping Hui to shift to the center). She also didn’t mind hidden in the shadow for a group shot…  Zoe Tay once said Jesseca is a ‘bo-chap’ girl but I think she finds security in her own Christian’s faith…she showed no anxiety, not kan-cheong about fame and looking pretty contented…

‘Baby Bonus 添丁发财’ (23 episodes) will debut on Channel 8 at 9pm from 30 September. Besides this cute baby, I like the new Felicia Chin as ‘Ah-Lian’ and her chemistry with Tay Ping Hui and Xiang Yun. This may just become the year’s surprise hit drama. You can catch the 10 minute preview of ‘Baby Bonus 添丁发财’ on here:

source : Baguatv

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