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Who’s the biggest scene stealer in Baby Bonus

October 12, 2009
Nope, it wasn’t Felicia Chin’s portrayal of an Ah Lian or Tay Ping Hui’s nerdy new character that won the hearts of many in Channel 8’s Baby Bonus

12 October 2009

Currently airing on weekday nights is Channel 8’s latest production, Baby Bonus. Despite the roles reversal for Felicia Chin and Tay Ping Hui into a brash Ah Lian and bespectacled nerdy Mr. Good, little baby Olympic was the true scene-stealer in the show.

As Ping Hui puts it, “Everyone else became the supporting characters with the baby being the main character.”

15-month old Leroy is the bubbly and adorable Olympic seen in Baby Bonus. His cute antics won over the hearts of the production team members. Often seen with a smile, he is a true-blue natural onscreen.

In an interview, Leroy’s mother, Amy said, “My son has been watching the drama ever since it made its debut on television. Each time he sees himself onscreen, he starts to laugh. People are starting to recognize him when we are outside and would ask if he is the baby acting as Olympic in the show.

“[During filming] everyone can carry him. He won’t cry unless it’s before bedtime, he’ll throw a tantrum. During filming, all the staff would carry him and sometimes I don’t even know where he is.”

It was no easy feat for the production crew to find a suitable baby boy. They decided to star Leroy as Olympic after they had difficulty dealing with their first baby boy. Thankfully things went smoothly from then on as Leroy slowly worked his way into the hearts of the crew and actors. He would only throw a tantrum and ask for his mother when it is bedtime.

Actress Apple Hong expressed, “When I look at him now, if I were to have children like him, I find it ok. Just look at how he is loved by everyone.

“I have not seen him in a few days and I am starting to miss him! His biggest hobby would be to eat ‘mum mum’. The best way to lure him would be to use food!”

Demure Jesseca Liu shared her two cents on working with Leroy, “He would have new expressions everyday, and new words. Filming contributed to a part of his growing up process.”

“He is a fast learner and picks up everything the adults do at the film site,” said Terrence Cao who was full of praises for the baby.

Unlike Olympic’s onscreen mother’s (Felicia Chin) irresponsible ways, Leroy’s mother is a full-time housewife who follows her son around on his shooting stints. She hopes that his stint on Baby Bonus will provide him with a memorable childhood.

“It is to leave him with some memories. No [he won’t be a child star], when he has to study, he has to fully focus so if possible, I’d rather let him film now because it will be very busy in future.”

With her son’s sleeping clock disrupted from the erratic schedule of filming, Leroy’s mother sighed in exasperation, “It is really tough being an actor!”

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