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The blazing fire stunt scene in Baby Bonus

October 19, 2009

Ongoing Channel 8 production Baby Bonus featured Jesseca Liu’s character in an exciting and dangerous stunt scene with fire.

Currently airing on weekday nights, the initial episodes of Baby Bonus featured Jesseca Liu’s headstrong character taking on a daring stunt scene by riding a motorcycle through fire-lit barricades. When the actress was asked if she had ever thought of racing through those lighted fence herself, she immediately exclaimed, “I have never thought of that! I was really very afraid!”

To reinforce Jesseca’s role of a headstrong character in the show, the director decided to spice up things and add in an additional fire scene. “This scene will tell viewers that she is a person who dares to do things that others do not dare to do so. She loves to make breakthroughs as a girl and this will be in-lieu with the drama’s future development.”

“There was no NG, the preparation work was done very well and we did it in one take.”

For the sake of the actors’ safety, the production crew found a body-double to take over Jesseca’s daring act. The scene was filmed at Tuas in the afternoon and the martial arts director had a truck of water on standby as he said, “It is not only necessary for the person to be safe, the vehicle also has to be safe. It has to be like nothing has happened before, and be equally thrilling. This is where the difficulty lies at.”

Time was of essence to the production crew as they drenched the fence with kerosene. It was necessary for the seen to be filmed as soon as possible if not the alcohol will be evaporated in 20 minutes time. The stuntman had to use his own motorcycle for the scene as sponsors were unwilling to loan out a vehicle for the dangerous scene.

“It is not too dangerous. [I am] only afraid that the petrol will leak onto the floor and make it slippery,” the stuntman shared.

After Jesseca’s body-double did a successful take through the blazing barricades, the director requested for the actress to strike a really cool pose at the end of it. The actress did not complain about the sweltering heat emitted from the raging flames and obliged with his requests. After the director finally shouted ‘cut’, the actress exclaimed, “It’s really hot!”

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