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Baguatv : 红白囍事 New Beginnings – First Look (Videos & Photos)

December 8, 2009
The lensing ceremony for the new drama was held this morning at the MediaCorp’s basketball court. The story revolves around two unusual professions – Funneral and Wedding. The cast turned up in full force and it is probably the first time you get to see their images before the telecast in April 2010.
The cast gathered for that important cut-the-pig-up shotThe cast gathered for that important ‘cut-the-pig-up’ shot!

Everyone is looking good…Zhang Zhen Huan in his new stylish image and Elvin Ng is just as cute (with clothes on)… Jeanette in her new Victorian look and Jesseca is looking every bit gorgeous…

Click to see Part 1 video now:

Click to see Part 2 video now:

A very beautiful Jesseca finally (with Tay Ping Hui)A very beautiful Jesseca we are seeing finally (with Tay Ping Hui)…

Both will play Wedding Directors and why looking so serious huh?

Wedding Planners should be less serious and smile for the camera mah...That’s better – give me a big smile!

Click to see Video Part 3 now:

Ribbon-Cutting ceremony was a bonus arrangementRibbon-Cutting ceremony was a bonus arrangement…

Zhang Zhen Huan is rising fast. He was specially picked by the story planner Yang Xi Bing to play a very different macho role (a departure from his current ‘当我们同在一起 Together’ kia-si role as 姚无忌)…

Click to watch video Part 4 now:

Jeanette doing an exclusive interview with xin.sgJeanette doing an exclusive interview with…(about DYT?)

You can read Jeanette’s interview here:

Lovers in the drama? No lah...Jeanette is no Teresa Tseng...haha...New pair of lovers in a drama? No lah…Jeanette is no Teresa Tseng…haha…

Click to watch Video Part 5 now:

Joshua acting as a simpletonJoshua acting as a simpleton.

His ‘I Not Stupid’ buddy Shawn Lee 李创锐 has also just made a comeback to the entertainment world. He just joined the cast of Channel 8’s telemovie (the one with Dai Yang Tian, Joanne Peh, Mark Lee, Pornsak and Qi Yu Wu) and will begin shooting this week…

One last group shot before the real shoot...One last group shot before the real shoot…

Click to watch video Part 6:

New Beginnings is not the usual play-safe drama. It involves the life (wedding) and death (funneral) businesses. There are many other stars guest starring in the drama…(more on that next time)…

source : Baguatv

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