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Tay Ping Hui : Jesseca Liu likes me but i’m not interested

December 10, 2009
Despite his roles of unrequited love, Tay Ping Hui—and Caldecott Hill’s resident hunk—says that co-star Jesseca Liu carries a torch for him

10 December 2009
Text by Joanna Goh
Video shot & edited by Alan Yong

After failing to win the heart of Jesseca Liu in the recently-concluded Baby Bonus, Tay Ping Hui will once again continue with his unlucky-in-love fate with women — on screen, at least.

He stars in the upcoming drama New Beginnings as a wedding planner who habours one-sided feelings for a bridal gown designer, again played by Jesseca.

Reality is an entirely different, opposite matter. “In reality, Jesseca likes me but I am not a least bit interested in her,” snaps the actor, talking about  his constant one-sided onscreen love relationships with her.

“Maybe she likes me in real life, but I will reject her!” he jested.

In a separate interview, Jesseca obliged Ping Hui’s statement, albeit resignedly. “I’ll give him some face, yes, I’m chasing after him… Ping Hui, are you satisfied now?!”

After just kidding about his ‘relationship’ with his co-star, Ping Hui turns serious. “There is more chemistry with Jesseca since this is another collaboration with her. What is most important is the chemistry. Though honestly speaking, we barely hang out when the cameras stop rolling.”

Instead of Ping Hui, Jesseca’s character in the show falls for his younger brother  played by Zhang Zhen Huan.

So how does the 39-year-old Ping Hui feel about losing the chick to the younger and up-and-coming actor? “It is necessary to have such plots for the show to be interesting,” he rationalized.

“This show is really interesting. There are sides to the red [marriage] stories and the white [funeral] stories. My story belongs to the happier crowd. There are real-life touching stories in this show for example a handicap marriage and a cross-cultural marriage.”

And don’t expect to see any (catty) fights between the two actors. “There is no pressure or competition; in fact, I feel a sense of responsibility to help guide [Zhen Huan] along. I will help him out whenever he needs guidance in the show,” said Ping Hui in true Ah Ge (Mandarin for ‘older brother’) fashion. “I see a lot of potential in him. He is humble and has a good working attitude. He can become a successful actor.”

About to hit the big 4-O next year, Ping Hui confessed that he feels the urge to settle down, especially after taking on the role of a wedding director. “My father is not getting any younger. I have this urge to get married [since taking this role].”

“Who knows, perhaps after filming this series, I will get married?”

New Beginnings will debut April 14, 2010, at 9pm on Channel 8.

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