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新加坡e 乐大奖 (Singapore Entertainment Awards) 2010

February 3, 2010

*“e 乐人气”奖项入围名单(各艺人和作品的组别及编号)

J. e 乐人气本地电视女演员* Most Popular Local TV Actress
1 郑惠玉
2 范文芳
3 白薇秀
4 谢宛谕
5 陈靓瑄
6 刘芷绚 Jesseca Liu
7 欧萱
8 姚懿姗
9 瑞恩
10 郭淑贤

Each person will be entitled to one online vote per category per day. There is no limit in the number of votes per person for voting via SMS. For SMS voting, each SMS costs 20cents, pre-paid card phone users are not eligible to participate and those below 18 years old must seek parental consent.

to vote, please log on to

[note : an account is needed to be registered at before voting]

to all fans of Jesseca, do register and start voting now! =)

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