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Baguatv : Results of SA2010 Top 20 Favorite Characters

March 11, 2010

Voting for the “Favourite Male/Female Character” is done via on-line and results are based on 100% public votes. On-line voting for these 2 categories has started since 1 March.

Top 10 “Favourite Male Character” leading in the rankings as of 11 Mar are:

Alex Tan (王沺裁) Alex Tan (Thomas Ong)
一切完美2 Perfect Cut 2

老外 (周崇庆) Caucasian Man (Dennis Chew)
女王本色 Paris & Milan

陈文远 (王冠逸) Chen Wen Yuan (Lawrence Wong)
向日葵的约定 The Promise

李家成 (郑斌辉) Li Jiacheng (Tay Pinghui)
添丁发财 Baby Bonus

林佳杰 (鹤天赐) Lin Jiajie (Nat Ho)
未来不是梦 The Dream-catchers

林小杯 (戴阳天) Lin Xiao Bei (Dai Yangtian)
当我们同在一起 Together

马大吉 (张耀栋) Ma Daji (Zhang Yaodong)
心花朵朵开II Love Blossoms II

Sato (黄俊雄) Sato (Elvin Ng)
未来不是梦 The Dream-catchers

泰山 (黄俊雄) Tarzan (Elvin Ng)
当我们同在一起 Together

叶正康 (陈汉玮) Ye Zhengkang (Chen Hanwei)
企鹅爸爸 Daddy At Home

Top 10 “Favourite Female Character” leading in the rankings as of 11 Mar are:

方宋乔(范文芳) Fang Songqiao (Fann Wong)
双子星 The Ultimatum

黄丽萍 (陈靓瑄) Huang Liping (Felicia Chin)
添丁发财 Baby Bonus

林佳乐(刘芷绚) Lin Jiale (Jesseca Liu)
未来不是梦 The Dream-catchers

林佳琪(瑞恩) Lin Jiaqi (Rui En)
未来不是梦 The Dream-catchers

孙敏(陈靓瑄) Sun Min (Felicia Chin)
双子星 The Ultimatum

陶海桐(陈靓瑄) Tao Haitong (Felicia Chin)
心花朵朵开II Love Blossoms II

吴晓莉 (郑荔分)Wu Xiaoli (Michelle Tay)
一切完美2 Perfect Cut 2

姚剑虹(欧萱) Yao Jianhong (Jeanette Aw)
当我们同在一起 Together

叶予晨(郑惠玉) Ye Yuchen (Zoe Tay)
双子星 The Ultimatum

张洛芸(瑞恩) Zhang Luoyun (Rui En)
书包太重 My School Daze

Note: names are in alphabetical order and not in ranking order.

source : Baguatv

*note : Do remember to vote for Jesseca [for her role as Lin Jiale] everyday! Every vote matters!

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