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Baguatv : Round 2 Results – Star Awards Top 10 Most Fav Characters!

March 17, 2010

Big star dropped out of Top 10! Check out results of Round 2 of Top 10 “Favourite Male Character” as of 17 Mar here:

No. Character Name (Artiste Name) 角色 (艺人) Program 节目
1 Alex Tan (王沺裁) Alex Tan (Thomas Ong) 一切完美2 Perfect Cut 2
2 老外 (周崇庆) Caucasian Man (Dennis Chew) 女王本色 Paris & Milan
3 陈文远 (王冠逸) Chen Wen Yuan (Lawrence Wong) 向日葵的约定 The Promise
4 李家成 (郑斌辉) Li Jiacheng (Tay Pinghui) 添丁发财 Baby Bonus
5 林佳杰 (鹤天赐) Lin Jiajie (Nat Ho) 未来不是梦 The Dream-catchers
6 林小杯 (戴阳天) Lin Xiao Bei (Dai Yangtian) 当我们同在一起 Together
7 马大吉 (张耀栋) Ma Daji (Zhang Yaodong) 心花朵朵开II Love Blossoms II
8 Sato (黄俊雄) Sato (Elvin Ng) 未来不是梦 The Dream-catchers
9 泰山 (黄俊雄) Tarzan (Elvin Ng) 当我们同在一起 Together
10 叶仁德(杨伟烈)Ye Rende (Jerry Yeo) 双子星 The Ultimatum

IN: 叶仁德 (杨伟烈)Ye Rende (Jerry Yeo) – 双子星 The Ultimatum

OUT: 叶正康 (陈汉玮) Ye Zhengkang (Chen Hanwei) – 企鹅爸爸 Daddy At Home

Top 10 “Favourite Female Character” leading in the rankings as of 17 Mar are:

No. Character Name (Artiste Name) 角色 (艺人) Program节目
1 方宋乔(范文芳) Fang Songqiao (Fann Wong) 双子星 The Ultimatum
2 黄丽萍 (陈靓瑄) Huang Liping (Felicia Chin) 添丁发财 Baby Bonus
3 林佳乐(刘芷绚) Lin Jiale (Jesseca Liu) 未来不是梦 The Dream-catchers
4 林佳琪(瑞恩) Lin Jiaqi (Rui En) 未来不是梦 The Dream-catchers
5 孙敏(陈靓瑄) Sun Min (Felicia Chin) 双子星 The Ultimatum
6 陶海桐(陈靓瑄) Tao Haitong (Felicia Chin) 心花朵朵开II Love Blossoms II
7 吴晓莉 (郑荔分)Wu Xiaoli (Michelle Tay) 一切完美2 Perfect Cut 2
8 姚剑虹(欧萱) Yao Jianhong (Jeanette Aw) 当我们同在一起 Together
9 叶予晨(郑惠玉) Ye Yuchen (Zoe Tay) 双子星 The Ultimatum
10 张洛芸(瑞恩) Zhang Luoyun (Rui En) 书包太重 My School Daze

 source : Baguatv

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  1. March 17, 2010 1:22 pm

    Congrats to Jesseca she in top 10, so happy for her , do support her ,vote for her daily without fail…..

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