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xinmsn : Latest results for Star Awards Most Popular poll – Hanwei out, Joshua in

March 30, 2010

The current batch of artistes who have entered the Top 20 ranks of the Star Awards Most Popular Male and Female Artistes has revealed shocking and even head-scratching results. Stay tuned

Chen Hanwei and Joshua Ang

This just in: Chen Hanwei and Tay Ping Hui are left out in the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes, while Ann Kok and Belinda Lee are the newest to join the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes. Will the statistics change as the Star Awards ceremony on Apr 25 draws nearer? Read on and watch this space.

It’s a little less shocking on the female front. Last year’s Top 10 including Vivian Lai, Yvonne Lim and Xiang Yun have reappeared on the listing. The same goes for regular fixtures i.e. the (remaining) Princesses Felicia Chin, Jeanette Aw, Rui En, Joanne Peh, are all present. News of her quitting MediaCorp hasn’t dampened another Princess, Jesseca Liu’s popularity, who’s still in the running. While there are less new entrants for the estrogen pack, this cohort certainly deserves a spot. Hard work with several dramas since the past year starting with the hit Housewives’ Holiday and a MILF image have helped Ann Kok secure a place in the Top 10 ranks. While Belinda Lee, who took home the Best Host (Info-Ed Show) at the Star Awards last year, is also a new face in the Top 10, which most likely is due to her plenty of screen time in ongoing drama Your Hand In Mine.

Fans of the respective artistes, you know who you are and what you must do.

Female Artistes Currently Leading
IN Ann Kok               1900-112-2025
IN Belinda Lee               1900-112-2024
IN Felicia Chin               1900-112-2022
IN Jeanette Aw               1900-112-2040
IN Jesseca Liu               1900-112-2027
IN Joanne Peh               1900-112-2034
IN Rui En               1900-112-2031
IN Vivian Lai               1900-112-2039
IN Xiang Yun               1900-112-2037
IN Yvonne Lim               1900-112-2030

The Star Awards 2010 will be telecast live on two Sundays, Apr 18 for the professional categories, and Apr 25 for the programme and performance categories. Both shows will air at 7pm on Ch 8.

source : xinmsn

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