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Jesseca’s Farewell Gathering

April 3, 2010

*Latest update : 12 April 2010. Please scroll down to read the details.

Dear fans of Jesseca, we will be having a farewell gathering with Jesseca.

The details are as follow :

Date : 8 May 2010, Saturday (CONFIRMED!)
Time : [to be confirmed]
Meeting Place : [to be confirmed]
Vacancies available : 20 [note : additional 20 vacancies added!]

Kindly email your Name, Contact Number and Email Address to

We will be doing a fanclub gift for Jesseca. It will be a book comprising of our photos and messages for her.

As for the photos, please put all the photos that you have taken with her, and develop the photos into 4R size (meaning 1 4R photo will have four different photos with her. Please refer to the details below).

Details for the photos :

1. If you have taken only 1 picture with Jesseca before, just develop the picture as it is, in 4R size.

2. If you have taken 2 pictures with Jesseca before, combine both the photos and print them as a 4R photo.

3. If you have taken 3 pictures with Jesseca before, include another nice picture of Jesseca to fit in the 4R sized photo.

4. If you have taken 4 pictures with Jesseca before, edit the 4 pictures into one, and develop it as a 4R sized photo.

In the email, please state if you have taken any photo(s) with Jesseca before, because there will be another arrangement for fans who have never taken any photos with her before. Those who has none of the picture taken with Jess before, Kindly prepare SGD 5 (You will get to keep 1 copy for youself)

Once the photo is printed out, send an email to inform us and we will email you the address to send out to.

You will also be required to write a short message (not more than 80 words) to be included in the book. If you have any enquiries about the gathering or the fanclub gift, feel free to send an email to

*note :

1) This gathering is open to all fans of Jesseca. Only the first 20 fans who confirmed their attendance will be accepted.

2) Do take note that the email address is @hotmail.SG, and not @hotmail.COM

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Debbie permalink
    April 6, 2010 10:44 pm

    Please delete away the latest comment:) tks:)Hi, Next month I have something very important things to do before I am heading to Melbourne to further my further my studies:) Do you want me to print 4r picture of jesseca and me ? Last week, I send e-mail to you but no respond:) Hopefully next sunday I have a chance to see jesseca at the star award 2010:)

    Well I would like to wish Jesseca Liu all the best in her spa business:) Anyway, will you all be going to the Langkawi to visit Jesseca’s spa:) We should send the FB message to her:) If I go to Melbourne to study, I will never forget about Jesseca’s smile:)

    • April 7, 2010 2:19 am

      Hi its me , how long will u be in Melbourne ? yes we all r going to miss Jess, hope Jess will be in the top 10 M.P.F and wat happen to the forum I use to go there leh.

  2. Debbie permalink
    April 10, 2010 10:50 pm

    Hi, I will be studying in Melbourne for 2.5 years:) Yeah very soon we all will miss jesseca:) well next week we can jesseca for 2 weeks:) new beginnings is starting next wednesday which is on 14th April 2010:) where to get the star award 2010 tickets?

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