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riceday – Best e-Commerce Blog 2010 Finalist

June 6, 2010

rice-day / riceday

1.       Tell us about yourself in 50 words.

rice is actually a blogshop managed by 4 girls, namely ex Mediacorp Artiste Jesseca Liu, Juwind, Fiona, and Yee. The 4 of us jointly manage the blogshop, with each of us taking up different roles, like the merchandising, advertising, photography, styling and modelling work, as well as handling orders.

2.       How long have you been blogging and why did you start blogging?

rice was set up in 2008. It was the brain child of Jesseca Liu and myself, with the both of us having a keen interest in fashion and japanese zakka. We were very excited in wanting to show and share with people our ideas about fashion, photography and styling. Realising that the internet was the best place to do so, we decided to set up rice. it was named rice because we felt that fashion should be a part of our everyday life, something which we cannot do without, just like our staple diet, rice.

When we think about rice, it is white, simple, plain and humble. However, if done and prepared the right way, rice can be transformed into an unimaginable delicacy! By translating this concept into “rice”, we aspire to be simple yet unique, and our style alluringly comfortable to the eyes.

3.       How do you feel as one of the finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards? What do you think is your chance of winning?

It certainly came off as a surprise for all of us at rice! In fact, one day, we did receive an email stating that rice was nominated by one of our readers for the SG Blog awards, however, not thinking that we stood any chance, we did not even tell our readers about it! It was only until recently did we realise that we made it to Top 10!

We believe that our chance of winning is rather slim as we are still a very new presence in the world of blogshops. If you’ve noticed, our rice blog is very ‘low tech’. We only depend on the widgets which Blogger provided. This may infact be our advantage because we are able to focus more on our content. We also try our best to communicate with our readers/customers through email and shoutbox as we believe in extending our customer service with a little more human touch rather than relying on technology to do the work for us.

We really hope that readers may see all the hardwork and sincerity in our blogshop. It may be our best bet yet.

4.       Who do you think are the strongest bloggers in the category you are nominated for and why?

We figured that the other blog shops are all very strong! We are really humbled just to be one of them!

5.       What would you like to say to your blog readers and those who voted and supported you?

We at rice are really thankful to all our readers and supporters! We see being nominated as a form of acknowledgement, especially when our blogshop is evaluated by professional judges and we require readers to vote for us. All these tells us that rice is going the right direction which we wanted. It also serves as a very big form of encouragement for all of us, and if you ask us, we feel that we have already won!

7.       Have you ever gotten into trouble or got rewarded for blogging? Elaborate.

I would not say that we have gotten into trouble, but rather, we did ran into difficulties of our own. In rice’s early days, we had trouble finding reliable suppliers. There was once we ordered a large shipment overseas but when the stocks arrived, we found them to be poor in worksmanship and quality. Not willing to compromise on the standards which we had set upon, we did not put them on sale on rice blogshop. The loss was a great financial set back for rice.

And as all 4 of us(Jesseca, Juwind, Fiona, Yee) are holding day jobs, we have to juggle our roles between working or studying. We did faced manpower constraints when it comes to doing photography work as well as managing customer orders and reacting to customer feedback/demands.

Our biggest reward must come from the feedback from all our rice readers and customers/supporters. Nothing brings us more joy then receiving compliments in our email or chatbox. We are most delighted when we know that customers are impressed with our service, and most importantly, happy with their purchases!

source : SG Blog Awards (Blog)

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    Hey, it’s such a nice resource…

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