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温升豪盼来本地赌场 看好刘子绚

November 4, 2010



















source : xinmsn

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  1. November 5, 2010 1:12 pm

    Xoxo plsss ,can tranlate ahh , I can only see CD and iPhone.. and thanks in advance. waiting to know ha!

    • November 6, 2010 1:43 pm

      James Wen films a local production, but had no luck in coming here to film. He expressed that he hope to take a look at the local casinos (IR), and at the same time, he praised Jesseca for being very professional, and also feels that with her qualifications, she would be widely received in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan!

      The Taiwan idol James Wen has entered the industry for 10 years, before shooting to fame with last year’s [Queen of No Marriage] by acting as senior Song Yun Hao, becoming many people’s dream partner.

      This time, it is his first collaboration with local artistes, and would be acting as a main lead together with Jesseca in Mediacorp’s Channel U Feature Film . The currently extremely popular young star Xiao Xiao Bin would also be collaborating in this show, acting as James’ son.

      [Lost and Found] is fully filmed in Taiwan, and filming has commenced for slightly more than a week. The team hopes to complete all the filming by this Saturday.
      When speaking about his colleagues in this show, Jesseca and Xiao Xiao Bin, James appeared extremely happy, and expressed that both are very professional, and the shooting schedules were never delayed. Although Xiao Xiao Bin is only a child, but James said that he (Xiao Xiao Bin) knew that acting was a job, so he did not create trouble at the scene. Father Xiao Bin Bin was also around, and he helped in communicating.

      So is Xiao Xiao Bin like a small adult? James smiled and said, yes, but when he acts, there is of course a little child’s touch to it.

      As for Jesseca, James was full of praise. He feels that she is a “very good actor, and has a very clear grasp of emotions”.

      He revealed that the director told him that Jesseca is a very popular actress in Singapore, and so he especially went online to check for her information. He is very happy that he is able to work with Jesseca, and also feels that this would help in his career.

      He praised Jesseca for her professionalism, and explained that “her attitude is very professional. She would not be late, and would not leave early. She would also study the script carefully and grasp the emotions.”

      Jesseca signed her contract with HIM International, and has the chance of going to Taiwan to develop. James is very confident that she’ll succeed, and said “She shouldn’t have a problem. With her qualifications, no matter in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or China, she would definitely be popular.”

      Lost and Found’s filming scene is full of happiness, as James revealed. Xiao Xiao Bin would play iPhone games during empty slots, and Jesseca would accompany him. These few days, as the weather is better, James would then accompany him to play baseball.

      James and Jesseca also have similar interests, as both of them like classical music and jazz. James even gave her Ma Yo Yo’s CD and his own book.

      Did he bring Jesseca around like a host should? James said that, at this moment, no, but their team had agreed that after filming ends, they would go and eat the hotpot together.

      Lost and Found would be aired on Channel U on 26 December, 9 pm.

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