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Sunday Romances

December 10, 2010

Schmaltzy romance sells. Or does it?

Channel U is banking on the appeal of love stories for its latest trio of home-grown feature films.

Shot in collaboration with the Media Development Authority (MDA) and three local production houses, the films include Lost And Found, which stars Jesseca Liu as a widow who meets a man (James Wen) and his son. The boy is played by Taiwanese child star Little Bin.

The film is set in Taiwan, so director Canter Chia thought engaging the five-year-old actor made sense.

Chia, 46, who worked with production company WaWa Pictures on Lost And Found, says: ‘Little Bin is very popular in Taiwan, so we decided to cast him, as having open auditions in Singapore would have been difficult.’

He adds that the three stars make up his perfect cast.

But working with the seasoned child star, who starred in hit dramas such as Autumn’s Concerto last year, was not easy. The director says: ‘When he refuses to be filmed, there’s nothing I can do. But I understand that working from 5am to midnight is tough on him, too.

‘But when he is ready and in a good mood, his performance is really good and just so cute. Jesseca really loves him,’ he adds.

The three movies – Love In A Cab, Love 50%, and Lost And Found – will air, in that order, on Channel U every Sunday starting this Sunday at 9pm. All three are helmed by Singapore directors and star at least one MediaCorp starlet.

The love trilogy follows last year’s telemovies on Channel U, such as The Will, The Promise and Cooking Without Clothes. Those featured stars such as Taiwanese actor Joseph Chang and local actress Ann Kok.

About 865,000 people, aged 15 and above, caught last year’s three telemovies.

Ms Ho Soo Fung, vice-president for programming and operations at Channel 8 and Channel U, is looking at the feature films to become an annual affair.

Love In A Cab airs on Channel U on Sunday, Love 50% on Dec 19, and Lost And Found on Dec 26, at 9pm.

source : Straits Times

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