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2010年8频道10大最受欢迎电视节目 2010’s Most Popular Programmes on Channel 8

January 13, 2011

Channel 8’s dramas explored a myriad of different themes and genres in 2010, and this proved to be a success. The drama “With You” rated highest, captivating viewers with its strong storyline on the issues of family and love, intertwined with a clever supernatural element. With a strong focus on marriage and death, the drama “New Beginnings” was a hit with viewers as it not only featured a show close to the hearts of many Singaporeans, it also shared with them the knowledge and insights of two very different professions in Singapore – A Wedding Planner and a Funeral Director, and how each handled their respective trades.

8频道10大最受欢迎电视剧 Most Popular Drama Serials
1 WITH YOU / 我在你左右 969,000
2 NEW BEGINNINGS / 红白喜事 937,000
3 LOVE / 爱 897,000
4 HAPPY FAMILY / 过好年 896,000
5 UNRIDDLE / 最火搭档 891,000
6 PRECIOUS BABES / 三个女人一个宝 889,000
7 PRICELESS WONDER / 游戏人生 875,000
8 THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE / 五福到 874,000
9 BREAKOUT / 破天网 866,000
10 MRS P.I. / 查某人 830,000

source : Baguatv

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