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Let me share some Secrets with you!

January 14, 2011

We went snooping around during the media event for Channel U’s blockbuster drama “Secrets For Sale” yesterday!

Finally gotten a chance to see Jia Qi’s (that’s Jesseca Liu’s character in the show!) detective agency in real life! Of course I snapped some photos for you! Let me bring you around on a mini tour.  :P

Welcome to “Wei Wei Detective Agency”!

First up, it’s Jia Qi’s personal office!

Wah, what’s that hanging on the wall. Eh, don’t play play, Jia Qi used to be a really outstanding cop!

A cool pencil holder for a cool detective, yes? (It looks a little freaky though!)

Enough of the tour, let’s check out what the artistes are doing during their break?

Jesseca hydrates herself quite often. Hmmmm, this, we approve!

Gotta keep himself updated! – Christopher Lee

The cast & crew gathered for a pop-the-champagne celebration! I love this photo! (& the poor me had to stand all the way at the back with my hands stretched to the maximum, just for you! Haha) Cameras + Spotlight = Mega stars!

Keep a lookout for more Secrets on this blog!

Secrets For Sale 《拍。卖》 premieres 14 March, 10pm, only on Channel U!

source : UFunBites

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