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Jesseca Liu sheds light on her ‘bleak’ love life

January 15, 2011

Watch Video : Jesseca is trying to find light in her love life!

No, fate has yet to work its magic over this ex-Caldecott Hill princess who is still waiting to find that special someone in her life.

No longer a full-time actress with more time and freedom in her hands now, one would expect Jesseca Liu’s life to be buzzing with excitement and romantic happenings. But the Langkawi beauty shares that things are still “very much the same” for her.

Speaking in an interview with xinmsn at the film set of her upcoming ChU drama series, Secrets For Sale, the soft-spoken actress has been taking things easy since her departure in July. Perhaps her laidback lifestyle in Malaysia explains for the aura of languid elegance surrounding her.

Filming commitments aside, when she’s back in her hometown, a typical day would start with breakfast with her family, spending time with the little toddlers in her family, managing her spa business, and winding down with an evening stroll at the beach.

No longer as active in showbiz as she used to be since her departure from Caldecott Hill, Jesseca still remains in constant contact with local fans with the help of Chinese micro-blogging platform, Wei Bo. She’s out of sight but definitely not out of mind.

An avid user of the social network, she often shares itsy bitsy details of her life, photo updates, and random musings on the website.

She was recently reunited with TV viewers in the Dec 2010 Ch U feature film called Lost & Found, and acted alongside Taiwanese actors James Wen and the precocious Xiao Xiao Bin. Shot in Taiwan, the heartwarming story was well-received and garnered the best TV ratings amongst two other Ch U films starring Joanne Peh and Felicia Chin.

Going by the successful reception towards the feature film, when asked if she holds any regrets over her decision to pack her bags and leave the hill, the Malaysian actress took time to ponder over the question before she calmly replied, “I feel that when you’ reach different stages in life, it’s time to follow your heart and do what it desires.

“No matter what the results is, as long as you’ve worked hard, that’s all that matters. There’s no such thing as regrets or looking back.”

Jesseca shared that she has no plans to base herself permanently in Singapore for now, and will go wherever her work takes her. With no qualms breaking into the overseas market, the leggy beauty hopes for more “international opportunities” and “refreshing roles” in the near future.

With her business and acting career on the upswing now, we wondered if there is any progress in the romance department for this ex-beauty queen since her last public relationship with Taiwanese singer, Wing Fan.

Our curiosity was met with a candid yet straightforward reply from the latter.

“It seems quite bleak,” she laughed, keeping her answer short and sweet.

Still waiting for the right person to enter her life, she’s open to the idea of settling down but feels that everything should be left in the hands of fate.

She honestly expressed, “I feel that because of my lifestyle, and how often I have to travel between Singapore and Malaysia, it is harder [to settle down].”

Catch Jesseca Liu in Secrets For Sale on Ch U when it airs on March 14.

source : xinmsn

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