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Jesseca sells some secrets

January 17, 2011

Greetings and salutations, fellow stargazers! This is your Showbiz Sista, who caught up with Jesseca Liu recently at the champagne-popping ceremony that marked the beginning of filming for upcoming MediaCorp TV Channel U drama, Secrets For Sale.

In the show, Jesseca stars as a former police officer who takes over her sister’s private investigation agency when said sister, her brother-in-law, and their children go missing. Her conservative and self-righteous style clashes with the frivolous and flirtatious nature of the photographer she hires–played by Christopher Lee.

Also starring are Lin Mei Jiao as the cleaning lady, Lawrence Wong as the IT guy and Thomas Ong as Jesseca’s cheating lover.

The PI firm office was the on-set location where Showbiz Sista had a chat with Jesseca, who spends most of her time at home in Langkawi, helping to manage her family’s spa business, but is willing to take up worthwhile projects here in Singapore, such as the recent Channel U feature film, Lost And Found, which aired in December.

Obviously, this project had enough pull to lure Jess back over. “I think the script is really exciting,” she said. “There is room for creativity and playfulness in my role. I play a Private Investigator with lots of character. She’s lost her family and wants to find out what happened to them. She teams up with Chris, who is a devil-may-care kind of guy, to solve cases. There’s some romance later on. It’s a lot of fun. There’s lots of running around.”

As for working with acting veteran Chris, Jesseca said, “I think I’ve grown under his guidance. Ever since the first project we worked together, he has taught me a lot. He’s seen my different stages of development. Now, I think I can finally act uninhibitedly with him. Because when I first started out, I was afraid of making mistakes, and that my mistakes would affect him. Now, I am able to act in a more frank manner.”

Her character hires Chris because she’s hopeless at taking photos, but in real life, Jess is a bit of a photography buff. “I am very fond of photography. I’m not that good at it, but I enjoy it very much. I like taking pictures of people and dogs and cats,” said the animal-lover, who lives with two cats here in Singapore, and two dogs back home in Malaysia.

Catch Secrets For Sale starting March 14, weekdays at 10pm on MediaCorp TV Channel U. Showbiz Sista, signing out. Live long and pop corn!

source : Star Gazing

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