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Jesseca Liu returns with Secrets

January 18, 2011

SINGAPORE: The last time former Caldecott Princess Jesseca Liu was seen on television was in last month’s Channel U television movie “Lost and Found”, alongside Taiwan actor James Wen and child star Xiao Xiao Bin.

But she will soon grace local television screens once more when she plays the tough-as-nails ex-policewoman Jia Qi in Channel U’s “Secrets for Sale”.

This is her first Mandarin drama serial after her departure from MediaCorp in May last year.

In the 30-episode series, Liu’s character inherits a private investigator firm from her sister and brother-in-law after the pair mysteriously disappear and she reluctantly engages the help of a flirtatious photographer, Ren Yi, (Christopher Lee) who is out of a job and up to his eyeballs in debt, because she cannot take good photos to save her life.

Sparks begin to fly between the pair, who are polar opposites of each other, as they work together on a string of unusual cases which bring them closer to the truth behind the disappearance of Jia Qi’s sister and brother-in-law.

“In the beginning, we have a love-hate relationship but later on, when I actually hire him to help me at the PI agency, we begin to develop a very special relationship.

“We help each other through everything we encounter,” said Liu during the show’s commencement celebration last week.

It had been almost a year since the gorgeous Malaysian-born actress worked on her last MediaCorp drama serial “New Beginnings”, which emerged the second most popular drama of 2010, and with her spa business in Malaysia running smoothly, Liu could probably pick and choose her projects.

So what attracted the 31-year-old actress and made her choose to do “Secrets for Sale”?

“The show attracted me because the story is broken up into many individual investigative cases. Later, these segments then fit together into a huge conspiracy.

“You can watch the front bits but you will never really know what will happen in the end,” she said pensively as an assistant hovered behind her, fixing her hair.

“There is also a lot of character development in the show. Like my character transforms from a gentle girl into a strong, tough woman because she went through a difficult romance,” said Liu, who went on to reveal that she will “probably return home for a break” after shooting here wraps.

With a pair of interesting lead characters and a supporting cast played by brilliant television veterans like Thomas Ong, Lin Mei Jiao and Zhu Houren, “Secrets for Sale” looks set to be a television highlight on Channel U when it airs on March 14.

source : CNA

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