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Jesseca Liu celebrates her birthday on set

February 15, 2011

Video : Jesseca Liu celebrates her birthday on set!

The former MediaCorp artiste gets a surprise from the cast and crew of ChU’s drama ‘Secrets for Sale’

Photos: HIM International

She may no longer be a MediaCorp princess but former actress Jesseca Liu is still treated like royalty on her birthday.

To mark her 32nd birthday which fell on Feb 13, her co-star MediaCorp Ah Ge Christopher Lee and the crew of upcoming ChU drama Secrets for Sale threw her a surprise party on-set.

“The production crew is really sweet. I never thought everyone would give me such a surprise. I was wondering why the cameraman was filming me when the actual shooting hasn’t even begun. Now I see he had an agenda — to film [me] secretly! (Laughs) Quite apt for our drama, Secrets for Sale,” Jesseca said.

Co-star Christopher also made a wish on Jesseca’s behalf, wishing for “Secrets for Sale to garner high ratings”.

“[I] hope my career would be smooth-sailing. My spa business would be better than before and [I also wish for] good health,” Jesseca wished.

The only other thing that Jesseca wanted to do on her birthday this year was to sleep after work as she had woken up early for her shoot. She had celebrated her birthday with cousins and classmates a day earlier, where they played the ‘killing game’ till wee hours.

In the last two years, Jesseca had spent her birthday on the job. If she wasn’t working on her birthday, she would have dinner with her family or close friends.

Jesseca also revealed that she did not like buying birthday cakes because friends would give her a few each year. However, she felt that it was a waste of food since she could not finish them. Instead, Jesseca preferred buying birthday cupcakes.

Catch Secrets for Sale on ChU, 10 pm when it debuts on March 14.
source : xinmsn (English)

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