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Christopher Lee and Jesseca Liu visited motels together?

February 25, 2011

Video : Christopher Lee took candid photos of Jesseca Liu at filming set?!

The two celebrities were filming for upcoming ChU drama, Secrets for Sale

For the last three months, MediaCorp Ah Ge Christopher Lee would disguise himself with a pair of specs and cap, pressed low to cover his face.

He and actress Jesseca Liu have been entering motels during the wee hours of the day and Chris was afraid of getting his pictures snapped by roving photographers.

Lest you wonder their presence at the motels, the two celebrities were actually shooting scenes of upcoming ChU drama Secrets for Sale.

During an interview with xinmsn, Chris and Jesseca described interesting episodes that happened at filming.

In a particular scene, Chris was supposed to rush into the motel with a professional camera. During filming, a taxi coincidentally stopped in front of the motel and a drunken couple stepped out of the vehicle and entered the place.

“They were looking at me. They were naturally worried, because they’re afraid of being photographed,” the actor said.

“Once, we were filming on the corridor when three men walked in. They were surprised [when they] saw our filming equipment and cameramen. They left hurriedly,” Jesseca added.

Jesseca said that their cameramen had to constantly assure the guests that they were there to film a drama and not them.

The actress also teased Chris, saying that he’s the “one who should be careful”. Jesseca said that the actor would change straight after filming. Each time, he would leave the motel with a cap, pressed low to cover his face.

“Imagine what a normal person, who just got off a cab, would think if he sees Christopher Lee walking out of a motel? You might end up being photographed in secret,” Jesseca said.

“I’m open and aboveboard, it should be OK. Furthermore, my wife knows that I’m filming these scenes,” Chris quipped.

When asked if they have been secretly photographed before, Chris recalled that he and wife Fann Wong were once holidaying in Japan when a netizen took a photo of their back views and uploaded it onto the net.

“It’s not a big deal, but I felt uncomfortable [about it]. Even when someone takes a photo of me on the set of the drama without asking me first, we will stop him,” the actor said.

Chris added that “photographing someone secretly is a rude action”. If he met with such situations, he would politely ask the person to stop filming.

Jesseca said it was perplexing for her as she has to go out with makeup all the time now because of these ‘secret’ photographers.

Secrets for Sale is scheduled to air on March 14, every Monday to Friday, 10pm on ChU.

source : xinmsn (english)

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  1. March 16, 2011 8:01 am

    I like to be a photographer, if I go to new places. I like to captures beautiful scenarios and local people in my camera. I just wonder how many photos lee has taken?

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