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笑傲江湖 Part 18 / X-Factor Princess (Jesseca Liu)

March 4, 2011

I can’t wait for the brand new cover of Nuyou to come out next month! Johnny and Wee Khim did a great job with styling and shooting the gorgeous Jesseca Liu. They made her look both demure and powerful at the same time, which is why I think she will be the next big super star of Singapore! Jesseca is in my opinion the only artiste that can be crowned royalty after Queen Zoe, Princess Fann and Baby Princess Joanne! There have been 2 amazing covers the past year which not passe and old school plus provide us with new energy and teaches us something new and they were both by Nuyou (just my personal opinion and approval). First, it was the Joanne cover where she looked current, chic and dominating and the second one was Fann’s biker rock chic cover! I really have to emphasis the importance of total package! You have to have the perfect team of people to create the perfect image. There are some covers out there which are just scary and pretentious. I know that all of you are just doing your job to make a living but please people! Put some life and energy into it will you?! I’m not being dramatic but I could literally fall asleep looking at the same old cover over and over again! There is this new cover on the racks at the moment which is utterly horrible! The cover girl looks like a drag queen, salah until ‘ long pia’! Everything is so passé and boring with no new elements to attract the audience. Try harder lah please!

All of you have to learn by example and Nuyou is a great example to follow! The next new cover has everything you need for a perfect cover! Perfect artiste, perfect makeup, perfect styling, perfect silhouette and perfect team! I really truly hope this sweet girl will sparkle so bright that everyone will see the x-factor in her.

We need to pump in more positive and creative energy into our TV station plus please put nice pretty faces lah! Who wants to look at ugly people? I never though about it until now but Jesseca is currently under  different management and doing much better then before? Hmm… I wonder? Maybe her old company has too many artistes to take care lah. Negligence is unavoidable with big organizations. So forgive them lah hor?! I know all the foot soilders who are reading this will definitely want to ban me but I don’t care! If you want to ban then ban lor! No matter what, I will still eat the better food then you in 2 lifetimes! Stupid irritating people!

Everything I just said is just my personal thoughts so please don’t take it to heart ok?

Thank you Jesseca for helping with these 3 very beautiful effortless pictures! I hope you will continue to do what you do best! Can’t wait for your very first Nuyou COVER =)

source : David Gan’s blog

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