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Christopher Lee: Singapore is paparazzi-free? Not exactly.

March 14, 2011

There are no paparazzi in Singapore.

China-born actress Gong Li often expressed that she loves this about Singapore while Chinese actress Vicki Zhao comes to Singapore whenever she needs a truly private holiday.

Singapore actor Christopher Lee, who plays Ren Yi, a fashion photographer-turned private investigator (PI) in the Channel U blockbuster drama “Secrets for Sale” – a drama revolving about a pair of PIs struggling to uncover a giant conspiracy – also enjoys working in a paparazzi-free environment.

“In Singapore, they are not that daring. Singapore has very strict laws so it is possible to sue paparazzi, if they existed here.

“Even if the paparazzi do photograph you, they won’t dare to publish the photographs because it’s illegal over here,” said Lee, during the “Secrets for Sale” press lunch earlier this month.

Part-time paparazzi

There may not be any true-blue paparazzi in Singapore, but Lee says there are actually a huge number of ‘part-time paparazzi’, overzealous, star-struck people that photograph celebrities, here.

“A lot of people just whip out their handphones or cameras and snap pictures of us (celebrities). They aren’t really secretly shooting us [like paparazzi] but they haven’t gotten our permission either.

“I feel that they should respect other people. Even if the subjects are celebrities, you should still get their permission because that is our private time, when we are not working [as a public figure],” said Lee, furrowing his brows.

Lee admits he is actually a bit of a shutterbug as well, but said that respecting his subject’s privacy is a rule he always abides by.

“I like to photograph people. I love to capture their expressions. But when I photograph people, I will ask them or ask them if it is okay, immediately after I have taken their photo.”

“I resemble my character a little bit. He loves to capture people’s expression too. It is just that he captures their expressions when they are having affairs,” said Lee with a guffaw.

Ask and ye shall receive

The actor expressed that he knew getting photographed at every turn came with stardom but stressed that actors are people too and hoped to have their best side captured on camera.

“Of course, if we are feeling well, we (celebrities) will not refuse and are only too happy to have our photographs taken.

“It is just that sometimes, for example, when we are sick or eating, when we might look really ugly.”

“I wish they would ask our permission, because who would want the ugliest side of them to get photographed?” said Lee pleadingly.

Lee’s co-star, Malaysian-born actress Jesseca Liu agreed.

“It feels quite disconcerting when fans secretly photograph me behind my back.

“I’d rather they photograph me directly because I have no idea what sort of image they are capturing and I don’t want to look hideous in the photos,” said Liu with a laugh.

“Sometimes, they are just shy and don’t dare to come forward to get a photograph with me. So I would ask my assistant to approach them and offer to get a photograph of us together.”

“I feel it is better to take some beautiful shots together, instead of dealing with blurry secretly-taken photographs of me,” said Liu, who plays Lee’s love interest Jia Qi, a former policewoman-turned PI in “Secrets for Sale”.

“When my hair is in a big mess, or when I am not feeling well, I would prefer not to be photographed.

“I’d rather offend them once and take a good photograph together next time, instead of looking weird forever in their pictures,” said Liu with a chuckle.

“Secrets for Sale” airs every weeknight from March 14, 10pm on Channel U.

source : CNA

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  1. Vincent permalink
    March 14, 2011 1:24 pm

    oh no! am i paparazzi?

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