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Secrets for Sale. Were you sold?

April 1, 2011

We all have an insatiable appetite for good things and when good things come to an end, we are faced with a withdrawal syndrome.

I’m suffering from the withdrawal of Secrets For Sale. How many of you feel the same way too? It has been a good 13 episodes of the drama – was it short and sweet or simply not enough???

Big thank you to more than 1,150,000 viewers out there for your support throughout the drama’s telecast. Did you like the way it ended?  How do you think our cast performed? Tell us. We love to hear from you :)

Maybe our little re-cap of their characters below can help you decide whether they measure up to your expectations.


As the professional photographer (Zheng RenYi) who is past his prime. Having ditched by first love and framed by industry fellowman leaves him in the dumps and a series of unlucky events follow. He turns to KTV clubs to escape from the reality of life. He is a happy-go-lucky chap who hates to have meals alone.

From the first irksome impression he made, no one could possibly trust his words and that he was a reliable friend. Thankfully there is little Yi Xin who doesn’t doubt him a single bit. From the laughs to the emotional delivery, he is possibly the most likable character now!


As the righteous lady boss (JiaQi) of a private investigation company, she puts up a tough front even though she is soft-hearted. A judo expert who doesn’t know how to exhibit her feminine side. She is analytical in her investigative works yet conservative and unmotivated towards relationship matters.

Did you sympathise her unfortunate plight? Were you able to feel her dilemma when she is faced to choose between RenYi and her long-time boyfriend, Stanley? We certainly felt her grief when she lost RenYi.



A gentleman on the surface but in fact Stanley is an unfaithful boyfriend. Having brought up single-handedly by his father, he is spoiled thoroughly and relies on his dad to cover many of his dirty deeds. Unknown to others, he has caused more harm to JiaQi’s loved ones than anyone could expect.

From his good roles in Perfect Cut, Perfect Cut 2 and Illustionist, Thomas transforms and plays the  “villain” this time. Mysterious and devious, has he convinced you that he is not just a goody-two-shoe and that he could make you hate him if he wanted.

Share with us on how you feel towards them and the drama itself. And for those who didn’t get to catch the full episode, we are repeating this drama from 9 to 30 April on every Sat & Sun 5-7pm! You mustn’t miss it this time!


Big bites & mini-bites about the drama can also be found here:

Secrets For Sale Official Site

Secrets For Sale Facebook Page

source : U Fun Bites

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