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“Ladies’ Nite”: 90 minutes of goodness just for her

April 28, 2011

SINGAPORE: Channel U will make Singapore television history when it airs the debut episode of “Ladies’ Nite”, Singapore’s first-ever 90-minute magazine talk show series, on May 3.

Veteran television hosts Michelle Chong and Vivian Lai helm the show, which aims to provide viewers with health and beauty tips, impart cooking skills as well as share fashion knowledge that will turn any Plain Jane into a sexy fashionista.

Most sceptics would dismiss the idea of a 90-minute magazine variety show as sheer madness, but “Ladies’ Nite” Managing Executive Producer Goh Djong Hoa begs to differ.

“Variety shows of this length are relatively common in Taiwan and other countries, with some even stretching to two hours.

“The key is having good content to keep the audiences interested, which we have, so I am not worried,” Goh declared in an interview with

Just why is she so confident?

Celebrity bedroom secrets

Goh revealed that “Ladies’ Nite” not only provides its audience with useful information, but will also offer a rare peek into the private lives of celebrity guests like Jesseca Liu, Caldecott Queen Zoe Tay and former actress Fiona Xie when they appear on the show and interact with the hosts.

“For example, when we talk about sleep quality in one episode, we asked our celebrity guests to demonstrate how they sleep so our sleep experts can critique their sleep posture and teach them how to get a better night’s sleep.

“We get them to bring and talk about their own pyjamas and pillows etc. from home so audiences can see a different side of them and gain some insight into how they really live,” Goh explained.

“This is not a formal sort of show, we are more spontaneous.

“There are no rules,” Chong said, pointing out that the show’s longer than average duration – similar shows in the past were only an hour long – meant that the hosts had more time to speak with their guests about anything and everything, which in turn makes for a more entertaining show.

source : CNA

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