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5 Most Memorable moments at the Silver Tribute Charity Night

June 8, 2011

3 hours. 207,193 calls. $2,720,120 raised. All in the name of benefiting the disadvantaged elderly.

That was the main aim of the Silver Tribute Charity show, initiated by SMRT Corporation, in support of its Silver Tribute Fund.

Taking care of the needs of more than 8000 needy senior citizen beneficiaries 8 charitable organisations, including the Alzheimer’s Disease Association, which caters to sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease and Singapore Leprosy Relief Association Home, a place of coalescence for leprosy patients, the show, which was aired on MediaCorp’s Channel 8, saw stars band together to show support for these beneficiaries.

The UrbanWire takes a look at the most memorable moments of the night.

#1 – The caricature that touched hearts – Jesseca Liu and Olivia Ong

Mdm Yeow Ah Mo was clearly impressed by a caricature of her, done by Malaysian artiste Jesseca Liu.

Singing and drawing have no relation to each other, but on Sunday night, these two talents were put together for a pleasant surprise, when former MediaCorp actress Jesseca Liu and local songstress Olivia Ong took to the stage with Mdm Yeow Ah Mo.

The 77-year-old lady, who has no kith or kin, was rooted to a chair for 5 minutes, as Liu hurriedly scrambled to piece a caricature of the lady, who spoke mainly Cantonese. At the same time, the 25-year-old Ong belted a medley of evergreen hits by the late Teresa Teng, accompanied by a band. The final product? A finely-drawn piece of art by the Langkawi-born Liu, bringing Mdm Yeow to tears.

Even the simplest of acts can move the deepest of emotions.

source : urbanwire

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  1. Jesstify ( 绚。迷宫 )

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