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Who has taken The Oath?

June 14, 2011

What do you get when you add 妙手仁心 with a dash of 流氓医生? Voila! Channel 8′s own medical-themed drama The Oath.

The Oath 《行医》tells the story of 2 medical practitioners and their vastly different approaches to treating patients. The protagonists, a Chinese physician and a Western doctor, cannot be more different though their paths are destined to cross. Their keen competition begins when both get involved in a complex medical case.

So, who has taken “The Oath”? :)

Christopher Lee plays 吴国恩, a Chinese physician. Despite his carefree outward appearance, he takes the duty of saving lives more seriously than anyone else in the world.

After a long absence, Ix Shen is back on screen as 关德维, a Western doctor. To him, excelling in the role of a doctor merely gives him career satisfaction.


Jesseca Liu is 杨敏妃, fellow Western doctor who is highly principled. She is constantly at loggerheads with Christopher as she denounces the effectiveness of Chinese medicine due to a personal tragedy. She is also the love interest of both men.

The rest include Ann Kok who plays 叶芝仪, the only non-medical personnel and is Christopher’s ex girlfriend. Zhang Zhenhuan is 郭建中, a rookie doctor who idolises 关德维 (Ix). Kate Pang plays 黄思云, a houseman who later falls in love with 郭建中 (Zhenhuan).

Filming for The Oath 《行医》begins very soon! Watch this space for more updates.

source : bagua8

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