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Baguatv : 公布红星大奖40大最受欢迎艺人Star Awards 2010 Top 40 Most Popular Artistes List (Press Con Photos)

March 18, 2010

公主掉出 Top 40! Some veteran stars are absent. Some new names popped out! And some stars are making a ‘big comeback’!

Thanks to the long form drama ‘想握你的手 Your Hands In Mine’ currently running on Channel 8, quite a big bunch from that drama are in the Top 40 and many were at the press conference to draw their telepoll numbers. You also get your usual suspects minus 两位公主 aka Fiona Xie and Dawn Yeoh!

If Xiang Yun gets this one again, she will have 10 Most Popular Awards and will be elevated next year to join the rank of Zoe, Fann and Chen Li Ping as ‘All-Time Favorite Artiste’. Not sure if anymore from this year’s batch is getting his or her number 10?

Ann Kok 三姐归位 finally? Dai Yang Tian and Joshua Ang are 1st timers in the Top 40! Belinda and Pei Xuan are also new entrants (I’m sure they are very happy for one another since they are like ’sisters for one another’ even in real life).

It’s a good year for DJ Dennis Chew and thanks to Aunty Lucy, he is swinging back like a tornado! He just won 年度DJ大奖-传媒推选(中文)last night at the《新加坡金唛奖2010》颁奖礼.

Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes Nominees 十大最受欢迎女艺人

1 Ann Kok郭舒贤 1900-112-2025
2 Belinda Lee 李心钰 1900-112-2024
3 Felicia Chin陈靓瑄 1900-112-2022
4 Hong Hui Fang洪慧芳 1900-112-2035
5 Jeanette Aw欧萱 1900-112-2040

Jesseca Liu刘芷绚 1900-112-2027
7 Jin Yin Ji金银姬 1900-112-2033
8 Joanne Peh白薇秀 1900-112-2034
9 Kym Ng鐘琴 1900-112-2021
10 Lin Mei Jiao林梅娇 1900-112-2036
11 Michelle Chia谢韵仪 1900-112-2029
12 Michelle Chong庄米雪 1900-112-2032
13 Pan Ling Ling潘玲玲 1900-112-2023
14 Pei Xuan 蔡佩璇 1900-112-2026
15 Priscelia Chan曾诗梅 1900-112-2028
16 Quan Yi Fong权怡凤 1900-112-2038
17 Rui En瑞恩 1900-112-2031
18 Vivian Lai赖怡伶 1900-112-2039
19 Xiang Yun向云 1900-112-2037
20 Yvonne Lim林湘萍 1900-112-2030

The Top 40 Most Popular Nominees were chosen via a poll of around 1000 people (age 7 and above) conducted by a media research company. Voting lines open today and will close on 25 April, 9pm. Top 40 will be shrunk to Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes and Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes taking into account your votes. The final results will be announced on the 2nd night on 25 April.

source : Baguatv

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